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Meditation: Stillness For Stress Relief

Be still, and know yourself better. In a world of constant bustle, hustle, and grind, there is still opportunity to cultivate balance and influence our experience of the world in a positive and meaningful way. This is a practice for mental health, and spiritual wellbeing - a gift for both mind and body. Stillness can be challenging, but that is why this is a practice. Join me, practice dropping in, and welcome clarity and peace now.

This meditation session is a beautiful way to start or end your day. It is also excellent post active workout or when you may have a turbulent mind and could use a break, a breath of fresh air.

This gentle mindfulness practice is a gift and it’s here for you. You are invited to slow down, experience peace, and just be.

5 comments on “Meditation: Stillness For Stress Relief”

    Hi YWA team member, I wasn't sure where to leave this feedback so i'll leave it here. the picture on the video Meditation: Stillness For Stress Relief in the search page and on the free yoga video's page is the wrong picture. The picture for the video Meditation: Stillness For Stress Relief is instead the picture Detox and Reset. It's been this way ever since the video Meditation: Stillness For Stress Relief debuted.
    Thanks for fixing this!

  2. Hi I am 81 years old. I just started to practice yoga, I have not done much stretching since a long time, about 40 years but I do my best to follow your moves as close to the work out,
    I lack some strength in my arms but I have started to work on them also.
    I want to thank you so much for your dedication for helping the whole society to become healthier individuals,
    Yours sincerely.,,
    Robert Blake

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