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Yoga For Renewal

This full class is designed to support the energetics of the body, boost circulation, and guide you back to a whole & healthy state of being. With a special focus on hip release and abductor work to support the back, this session offers opportunity to reset. In an effort to feel whole, put the pieces together, and experience powerful renewal.

Expect an integrated practice of guided breathwork, therapeutic repetition, intentional yoga asana to bring warmth and build strength, as well as philosophy to assist you in the process of practicing yoga off the mat and in your daily life.

Let me know how this session goes for you in the comment section down below. I love to hear from you.

11 comments on “Yoga For Renewal”

  1. This was actually my second yoga session of the day (in the early evening). It complemented the session that I had in the morning in that it in part, worked on improving and strengthening the movement of my hip joints.

    I hesitated starting it when I saw the length; however, it was what I needed and the time seemed to go by quickly.

    Another great session from Adriene!!

  2. I appreciated this practice in that it asked for my patience at the start of a day! And it was low to the ground when I usually love all the forward folds and chattarongas. I liked the variations in moving and strengthening hips. Thank you as always.
    I am on my 4th 30 Days practice this year; will hit 121 days on May 2 and will do Day 5 of Yoga Camp tonight.

  3. Lovely slow grounding class. Great for hip strength and flexibility. I felt calm and renewed afterward. This class will be a keeper! Thank you Adriene!

  4. I felt energized after this practice. Not a frantic energy but calm & steady. Perfect. Thanks!

  5. Dear Adriene, thank you from the bottom of my heart for this extra yummy yoga session. I'm on a healing journey and my body and mind just LOVED this practice so much! Feeling renewed indeed! Lots of love <3

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