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Yoga for Migraines

Yoga For Migraines is a gentle, healing yoga and pranayama practice to help support you when you have a headache or a migraine. It is also a great practice for those seeking regular self care, no headache required to do this session. Avoid life's headaches by practicing this 20 min practice regularly. Cultivate a relationship to natural remedies and healing within to invite stress and toxins to flush away!

This practice invites you to bring a small towel or bandanna, a pillow and a cup of water to the mat - if you have it. Open your mind to the power of healing from the inside out. You got this.

88 comments on “Yoga for Migraines”

  1. Thank you for being there for us, even when you are not feeling well, wisdom teeth...who knew they can leave you so wrecked just by coming out. Today I have a dreadful lower back pain, but you have inspired me, I am leaning in 🙂 Get well soon (from a Spaniard in Hong Kong!). Merche

  2. I got the newsletter with this video attached today. I have been following Adriene for about two years (on and off) but just recently committed to the practice. When I opened it, I remember smiling because not only was I still rocking the headache from yesterday (I suffer from headaches that can last a couple of days) but I was also reflecting during the week about the importance of ME TIME. I enjoyed the email and decided that I was going to do the video. I never regret any of Adriene's videos, even if sometimes it is so hard for me to stay in one position. It is amazing how sometimes, by a random act, someone writes to you exactly what you need to hear. Thank you, Adriene!

  3. Every time I read one of your emails I finish with a smile 🙂 feel better soon! Thank you for all your kind words, they really do work.

  4. THANK YOU for this wonderfull idea!

    I've been deeling with migraines a lot this year and this is exactly what I was looking for.
    You are doing an awesome job, I am a big fan of your chanel,
    Thank you again and again

  5. Adriene I hope you're feeling better, your latest newsletter wa spookily perfect for me, and then to see the yoga for migraines when I have just started getting migraines...definitely some synchronicity going on! Thank you for everything you do, great and share xx Natalie

  6. Stay stay awhile....what a touching email and coming from someone who is in recovery and facing that trial themselves truly sends a powerful message.

    I've been meaning to write you, as my heart is just overwhelmed with gratitude to have found you. You've been more than just a yoga instructor, at times, you've been my life line.... The one person who reminds me that I have value, that peace is within reach, and happiness...that it's a choice.

    Back in December 2015, after nearing death from a fatal brain injury that had gone untreated for several years, I had been diagnosed with Dysautonomia. I was informed that just getting into that clinic was a miracle much less walking, when the left side of my body was being shut down. It was a horrifying and unexplainably incredible day. I was asked by my doctor "how have you made it Sarah? Tell me how you've made it this long..." my response was " yoga with Adriene three times a day". Migraines were one of my biggest issues as they went from once a month, to a crippling 6 times a week. Outside of the sedating pharmaceutical migraine relief cocktail, the only thing stopping the pain from overriding my system to the point of blacking out was your kind and loving practice. Although you don't even know me, you've been my best friend for years, encouraging my inner strength to keep pushing on.

    This long overdue thank you cannot begin to express my heart and my ultimate gratitude for your contribution to my life and overall success. I am almost through my treatment with my incredible functional neurologist and the injury is nearly reversed, I feel like a new person! A second chance to truly make a difference in this world.... Your passion has brought me a second chance at life, what greater gift can there be....

    If I can bring this world even half of what you've brought to my life, I will consider myself a success.

    With all my heart,


  7. O Wisdom Teeth--why is it they only seem to bring their promised gift when they get extracted? Ponderable. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  8. Thank you so much for your weekly video. I hope you get better soon.Bless you!
    Lots of love from Almería, Spain.

    1. Hi Adriene,

      I just went through the Yoga for Migraine video. Towards the end of the video, you mentioned about leaving self care notes for migraine at the video description. I couldn’t find it. Can you let me know where to find it? Anything to help prevent migraines help.

      Thank you.

  9. Feel our love coming to you
    With a warm embrace ..
    Sending healing to you, dear one ..

    See you on the mat, dear Adriene

  10. Wishing you lots of healing energy from down under Adrienne. Thank you for your videos, which I have been practicing with almost every day for 3 months now - first Yoga for Beginners and then 30 Days of Yoga, then Yoga Camp and now I'm half way through Yoga Revolution. They have helped me through a very hard time of imbalance as I get used to a much greater level of responsibility and demands in my life with a new job and a child, so your yoga guidance is something I look forward to and am thankful for every day. Namaste!

  11. Thank you for still thinking about us while you are are a loyal friend......heal well Adriene......YOU GOT THIS !!!

  12. Agree with those above, Adriene: beautiful and gentle practice to lean in and restore. I hope the sum of all eased bodies and minds ricochet straight back at you, and leave you refreshed (and more than one tooth lighter at both head and heart).
    Just wanted to tell you that exactly the image of being able to breathe deep and reconnect during those few minutes it takes to go the toilet, wash your hands and giggle to the mirror, has been sort of a motivation to me. I remember rememberring I used to do that, and how I missed it (in other words "missed me"). I am really grateful that most - or lets say some - days, this is again part of my repertoire. Thanks for bringing this image to life here, and thanks for the super expression "sneaky solitude". Lots of love.

  13. You always no what to say and when it matters most- its like your in my life with me! Seriously do you have a spy camera on me?
    Take care- rest up

  14. I remember the pain and discomfort of wisdom teeth extraction, UGH. Hope you recover quickly. I loved your letter today about finding quiet time, alone time. My children are grown and live away from home now and I miss them every day. But, I have entered a new stage of life that is equally exciting and now have the time to appreciate quiet.

    Thank you for your thoughts each week. It gives me something new to consider every time I read one.

  15. I hope you are feeling better soon Adriene. I have really enjoyed all of your videos and I am so happy my friend told me about them! I just love yoga and I wanted to say "thank you".

  16. Thank you for this Adriene!

    Do you ever think about doing a yoga teacher training? I am wanting to get certified as a teacher & as I look for the right fit to do my training, I thought "I would loveeee to do my training with Adriene" haha

  17. I don't get headaches that often but when I do I'm sure this video will help very much, I just need to remember that yoga has my back, and as the saying goes "There's a Yoga With Adriene video for that!" for almost every situation I can think of!

    I hope you're recovering or fully recovered already from the wisdom teeth surgery, I've recently had 3 of the wisdom teeth extracted over two months, and it was no fun! But I found that gentle yoga had my back and helped me feel better!

    This week's newsletter was amazing and so on point! Thank you so much for sending these wonderful notes to all of us!

  18. So excited to try this and see if I helps. It will probably help me with triggers too. Hope your mouth is better x

  19. Get well soon my friend! Your videos are always just what I need at just the right time. ❤️

  20. Wisdom teeth! Had one out at age 69. Definitely should have it done while you are young. Best wishes for a quick recovery. You have health and peace on your side.

  21. Get better soon!
    Got my wisdom teeth removed last year so I know how it feels((
    Thanks for the vid, it's great as always.

  22. Thank you for your kind, meaningful and timely message. I love your words, I love your yoga and I love you. I wish for you to feel well and nurtured… take care of yourself… you teach me how to take care of myself and I shall will (meditate) for you to heal.

    Merci mille fois (thank you a thousand times)

    Hazel in France

  23. Being an observer and leaning into pain or discomfort really hit home for me today. Especially with this political year. Conversation and socialization can be so difficult. Knee jerk emotional responses are common through out the day. Uncertainty of how to respond so I can be responsible is not always clear and sometimes leaves me with out a response. Feeling irresponsible. So I'm glad you brought the breathing through not just physical pain but also from moment to moment. Having that yoga or realization of what's happening in the moment from observation.

    Getting your wisdom teeth pulled is not fun.

    <3 Adriene

  24. May you experience healing and ease as you recover.
    Thank you! My headache is almost gone! Another wonderful practice.

  25. Hi Adrienne,
    Thank you so much for reminding me to do this practise. I have an exam tomorrow, which makes me very tense. The moment I just layed still on the mat, telling myself it was going to be okay, combined with you saying "We'll just move on." made me smile so much. Yes, no matter what, we'll move on.

    So thank you. I needed this support.

    Love from Denmark

  26. Thanks for your wisdom and humour Adriene. Hope you feel better soon after dental surgery.
    Love and best wishes

  27. I had all 4 of mine pulled at the same time. OUCH!!! I hope you feel better soon Adriene. I really enjoy your videos

  28. Always look forward to what you offer each day! Heal well and thank you for giving of yourself. Love and light

  29. Perfect timing! Just coming from my first Vipassana Meditation Course and switched my phone on for the first time after 10 days. I really had to face the pain in my body during these 11 hours sittings per day. As my teacher told me: pain is our best teacher. And when I stopped fighting against the pain and just accepted it and stayed calm the pain disappears... Great lesson learned! Yoga and meditation is the key!

  30. Hi Adrienne,

    Sending Happy Thoughts for swift healing. Want to let you know you are the first Yoga teacher that has made me want to "Stuck with it" I have tried yoga in the past and was never able to relax enough to understand and enjoy the practice - you have been the difference. Look forward to your videos

    Thanks so Much

  31. Hi Adriene, sorry to hear your not your best at the moment.Just writing to let you know how much myself and my daughter appreciate that we found you and your teachings.You helped get me back on the mat after a long break due to a number of reasons.You are an inspiration to us both. A big thank you for everything you do.

  32. Feel better Adriane! Sending you lots of love ❤️ and positive thoughts! I would like to have your opinion on my situation ! I have a severe sculiosis and my question is what kind of yoga poses will be beneficial for me? Thank you so much in advance! Galina

  33. Sending healing Reiki energy of you will accept it. Feel better soon Adriene. Thank you for enhancing my life!! Namastép

  34. Hey Adriene, good luck and very best wishes as you take time to take care of yourself this week. Every cloud does have a silver lining and yours just happens to be forced time FOR YOURSELF!
    I am a visual artist and having difficulty making the time for me and my creativity. It doesn't matter what but something always seems to float to the top, ahead of me and my creativity. Your message this week is very timely and pertinent. Thanks so very, very much. Loving my yoga practice with you. Namasté

  35. Hi Adrienne. Going to try this tonight. Had two migraines Friday and Saturday. I am sure to try this again and again. Thank you!

  36. Thank you for the email "Stay Awhile". It really made an impact on me seeing as I am always dealing with one type of pain or another. It has taken me a while to get in the habit of doing some sort of yoga no mater what is hurting that day.

    I thank you for the encouragement to stick with it and so dose my body.

  37. As you are the source of so much comfort & joy, how are we to return all you give when you need our support? By sending love and wishes for a thoughtful recovery your way. Take good care, do soothing things and be well you amazing shaman.

    1. Ditto Marchesas thoughts. Be well in your moment. You tell us all the time "you've got this" and I know you do.

  38. Hi Adriene
    Hope you feel better soon , tooth aches are a killer ,whatever the age or reason .
    Get well soon
    On Namay shivay .

  39. HI Adrienne! I really appreciated your email this week, especially since I have a rare day off tomorrow, I intend to remind myself to observe how these day-off projects, these tasks, these good and bad moments make me feel. Keep up the great work, and, also, feel free to put up as many videos about overcoming anxiety/panic attacks as you would like. I would like to see more of them. You rock! Thanks for everything!

  40. Thank you so much for this! I suffer from chronic migraine and have been hoping for this for a long time <3

  41. I hope you feel better Adriene. Tough gig that wisdom teeth extraction!
    Take care

  42. Little sweetie. Thank you for giving so much when you are under the weather! So grateful as always for all you give! Speedy recovery mon ami!

  43. You always seem to ground me and send relevant emails at just the right time. I'm also recovering from a couple of operations on my face this last few weeks and can totally relate to your latest message so I'll be reminding myself to take the time to observe and reflect while giving myself time to recover.
    Take care, get well soon and thank you!

  44. Thank you for sharing your gifts of wisdoms and teaching with us so freely and with vulnerability. I have learned so much about my physical, mental and spiritual strength through your teaching. I am sending you healing payers....

  45. Thank you so much. I have always struggled with migraines and this video really helps <3 By the way that dog is adorable <3

  46. Even though I am fortunate that I just tension in the neck this was very helpful and refreshing. Get wisdom teeth out is very difficult. Thank you for taking the time out to help us feel better. I tell everybody I work with to try out your yoga site it is the best one ever. Thank you for staying sweet kind and humble

  47. Helloooo from Caracas, Venezuela I hope you get better soon!!! We are going to a prettu rough time now and by doing your practice everyday I have been able to relax, focus and calm my mind down. You are great and I am gratefull for all your videos and messages! Time to take it easy Ad!!!

  48. I had my wisdom teeth out in my late thirties and for me it went relatively easy. I got lucky. I wish you a speedy recovery.

  49. Dear Adriene,

    get well soon! It helps to take Traumeel and Lymphomyosot 2 days before a tooth extraction or any other operation and keep on taking it for some days after the extraction, along with Arnica.
    Thank you for this lovely practice and being there for us, despite your pain.
    I have been fighting with a Tinnitus for many months now and practicing with you almost every day has helped so much! Thank you so much for your time!

  50. This beautiful practices give you both a yoga and meditation feeling in your body - strong and calm. Thank you for this! Namaste

  51. I absolutely LOVED this video.

    I cannot begin to express how much YWA and FWFG has changed me both physically and mentally. I have always been an overly anxious person, and have never been able to enjoy life completely without over-analyzing every single situation and worrying about EVERYTHING. Exercise used to be my only form of relief from anxiety, but I am also living with a heart condition (which does not limit me much physically, but is suggested I don't over- do it.) My anxiety begin to take over and would convince me that I was about to pass out each time I exercised. I begin to not do it at all for fear that I was over-doing it. Makes sense right?!

    And then I found Yoga with Adriene. Yoga is the only form of "exersize" that does not make me feel as if I'm about to pass out, or pushing myself too far. I love that you offer modifications, and allow me to trust and listen to my body, and see how much I can take. FOR YEARS, everyone suggested I do yoga to help with the anxiety and also be able to exersize, but I laughed at them, thinking that yoga was just meditation and breathing. Later finding out that it is that, and SO many other things. I have now lost 25 pounds since last summer, and overall I feel stronger, lighter and more healthy. (This is OF COURSE along with some eating healthy!! :), I still enjoy chocolate, wine, and french fries) The weight loss and the comfort I now feel with my body is great, but that is nothing compared to how I feel mentally. I am less anxious, less of a worrier, and overall just a better version of myself. I feel like a kid again, which is great because I am a teacher and work with kids every day. I relate to their free-spirits and imagination on a better level now and I have you to thank for that.

    Adriene, you really have transformed me, and I cannot thank you enough. A year ago when I first started, I would read your comments and think to myself "It's just yoga!! Why is everyone so happy and grateful?" And come to find out, I am now one of these many lucky people who have found the gift of yoga and all that it has to offer.

    Thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my now healed heart and mind, THANK YOU! 🙂

  52. Adrine - Hope you feel better. Thank you for all you give. Sending you love and wishes for speedy healing.

  53. Hope you're feeling better Adriene! Love your free yoga streaming on YouTube! So grateful for YOU ❤️ Namaste

  54. Thanks for another wonderful practice. I did it out in my yard. Feel better soon, take care!

  55. Fell better soon, dear friend.

    Still here with you Adriene, every day since last September, and every time I'm on the mat with you, I always learn something new.

    Thank You for this wonderful gift that I now have in my live.


  56. Speaking of "wisdom"...Thank you Adriene for sharing your wisdom to make us healthy in such a fun and loving way. Speedy recovery my friend <3

  57. Praying for a speedy recovery for you!
    And a big thank you for all of your amazing yoga videos I have learned so much and I am extremely grateful ❤️

  58. Thank you for another beautiful practice. I was wondering if you could share with us any reading material you might recommend as a way to dive deeper into the study of yoga. I often feel like my yoga education is so scattered, jumping around to different classes, teachers and styles. But your approach really speaks to me so I'd love to know if you have any recommendations for a deeper foundation.
    Thank you!!

  59. Dear Adriene, hope all the pains have already gone away! Be well! Sending you an air kiss as I do every time after I finish practicing yoga with you :-*

  60. Dear dear Adriene sending well wishes your way this week. I started yoga with my mum this year (being in year 6) and can I say you have done so much for her and I! My body and mind has benefited so much! I have less of a temper and I am more flexible, and WAY more clearer in the head.

    ❤️❤️ Rainbow Unicorn

  61. Thank you for this yoga for migraines. I can hardly stand to have even a thought while having a migraine, but I saw that you had this short video, and so I tried it. I am much improved and very grateful! You are really a gift! I have been trying your videos for a few months now, and find you so warm and funny and real. Thank you for sharing yourself. You make the world a better place!

  62. Get well soon, Adriene. I also just had a tooth extracted yesterday for the first time in my life (and I'm 55). It's not much fun but I'm looking forward to being pain-free and getting back on the mat very soon.
    Be well.

  63. HI Adrienne... Hope you are over your Wisdom Tooth extract. Love all your videos. Could you come up with a routine to strengthen the knee and for heel pain (plantar fascitis) ... Thank you.

  64. My migraines make it almost impossible to move my head, or move past horizontal position, or even walk, but this video helped relieve my migraine enough that I could actually drive to the pharmacy for migraine medicine! Thank you!

  65. You have an amazing voice to listen to. It works really relaxing, your explaining everything so clear.
    It is amazing how this practice helps with my intense headaches! Trying to do this series every week now!

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