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Yoga For Forgiveness

Inner work comes first. May our yoga unite us and guide the way.

Foster understanding and nurture the process of healing through the practice of forgiveness. This session can support one suffering from anxiety, depression, stress, disappointment, and heartbreak. Our mindful yoga practices can provide us with the powerful tools to learn how to safely work in discomfort, gain control, find empowerment, healing, and growth.

In addition to movement, we take time for contemplation to foster awareness around the power of learning to forgive ourselves and others.

Trust the process.

“We cannot have a healed society, we cannot have change, we cannot have justice, if we do not reclaim and repair the human spirit. ” Rev. angel Kyodo Williams

Let me know how it goes for you in the comment section down below.

One comment on “Yoga For Forgiveness”

  1. Thank you for your dedication to the art of yoga. Your contribution to the health and well being of others is more than admirable. May you be rewarded for the investment that you're making in the lives of others. Health, hope & happiness to you!

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