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Yoga Camp - Day 5

Yoga Camp - Day 5 is here with the mantra I Am Alive! Practice presence. One moment to the next. Focus on your breath. “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

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40 comments on “Yoga Camp - Day 5”

  1. My husband and I had a lot of life changes and some rocky points in our marriage for pretty much the entirety of 2015. We can finally see light as we come out the end of that tunnel. 2016 is starting with such sweet feelings of relief, and Yoga Camp is helping me *so* much. I've found myself focusing most of the affirmations so far on different aspects of self-improvement for the particular sake of my marriage and my husband. Today's I-am-alive mantra made me feel alive with so many things I couldn't just choose one! Gratitude, happiness, determination, desire to give and receive support, and LOVE LOVE LOVE for just everyone. Gosh to do I feel like I could love everyone.

    And as much as I love my husband more than ever, you get the Courtney's Favorite Person of the Day Award! (It's a thing, trust me.) Thank you so much for this practice Adriene. The divine in me embraces the divine in you!

    1. Nice letter to Adriene, Courtney, but I'm enjoying your positivity as well! Hope 2016 goes well for you.

    2. Courtney, I am right there with you as far as my couple is concerned - still in the tunnel actually - and am trying to find my way through. This practice feels like such an incredible gift to me. Thank you for sharing and sending Good Energy your way!

  2. Hi! I have been having trouble with the emails. I have only received two of the emails for yoga camp thus far (Yoga Camp Day 2 and Yoga Camp Day 3), even though I have tried to enter my email address three separate times. I'm not sure what's wrong or where to go to fix this. Thank you for any help you may be able to give me.

    1. Hi Lauren - Sorry for any inconvenience with the emails. I just checked your account and they have been sending but are unopened. They might be landing in your junk folder. Do a search for "The Core Chore" and see if anything comes up.

      - Chris

      1. Thank you! I did get The Core Chore, but I checked and I still can't find the previous emails. There must have been something going on with my email server. No worries. I appreciate it being looked into.

        1. I've been having the same issue, however I received a couple more emails. Just Day 4 and 5 are missing. Very confused by this 🙂 If there's anything you can do about it, I'd be really grateful.

          Cheers, Sina.

  3. Thanks Adriene! Day 5 felt great. I felt some muscles I'd never felt before while in the cobra position.

    See you tomorrow. I am alive!

  4. Good morning Adriene :). I showed up, I'm awake and and alive and just loving my introduction to yoga with you. I'm really enjoying your conversations as much as the instruction. Thank you.

  5. Day 5 and feeling stronger in the areas we have worked on the first week. Ready for Day 6. Your 30 day programs helps me start the day with purpose. Get up before dark and get ready for the day.

  6. Just wanted to let you know that your "human moments" are part of the reason I love your videos! Thank you so much for your authenticity!

  7. I've been following your channel for over a year now. I wish I knew you personally! I'm also from Austin. I live in Arkansas for now but doing yoga with you is like coming home. Also I couldn't help but laugh at "if that sucks, try ..."

  8. Hi Adriene,

    I am loving Yoga Camp too, all the way from Hungary! I am exploring linking yoga practice with affirmations that tend to stay with me and linger all throughout the day. And I am definitely alive! And smiling. 🙂

    One question though: in day 5's practice I experienced some pain in my knees in the lunge positions, when the back knee was flat on the ground and we stayed there longer, arms flowing up and down. Any tips on how to prevent/avoid that or what might be causing that that I could change? Thanks in advance and see you tomorrow!

  9. Really enjoying your yoga camp! Thank you! Just wondering what brand/ style pants are you wearing in the last couple of videos? Thanks!

  10. Hi
    I am like this yoga camp alot! I have always got the e mails but to day not for the day nr 6. Hope you can help me with this becous I like this so much!!
    Tanks for everything

  11. Hi Adriene!
    I just want to thank you soooo much for your amazing job you're giving for free to us. It's so precious!
    I am a little behind with the Yoga Camp lessons, I'm watching this episode tonight. Can't wait!
    Thank you again for all this.
    You managed to arrive here in Italy with your teaching. 🙂


  12. Love your videos and i do feel alive!! ALthough I started a bit late am going on ..I really look forward to practising everyday ! you are fantastic Adriene! You are the reason practising yoga is so awesome!

  13. This was my first day back at it after being up in the mountains with no internet connection, and it was perfect after skiing for a couple days! My mantra for day 4 was, I Create Energy and todays is, I am Alive with Life. Those combined is exactly what I need, thanks for helping me get there (:

  14. Enjoying your yoga sessions so much. I've been having back issues and by doing your yoga hoping for a much stronger back.
    Than you

  15. Hello from Missouri! I love what just a couple of days of yoga is doing for my body! I am 51 and have been pretty limber until about 3-4 years ago. Stated noticing tightness in hips and legs. That is all beginning to loosen up and my core muscles are getting a good waking up! Awesome. I am not a small gal so some things are hard for me but I love where I am and know it will improve.
    My cats think I have lost my mind! They all hang out with me on the floor and occasionally come by for a rub!! Would make a funny video. LOL

  16. Day 5. I felt hungry, tired, sore coming into today's practice. I repeated the mantra "I'm alive with patience." I left feeling better and awakened... Alive with patience with myself. I said to myself, "see, the mind IS a powerful thing". Thank you Adrienne for your guidance, humility, and motivating words. I wake up every morning craving yoga camp! 🙂

  17. Hi Adriene!
    I know it's May and not January, but I'm loving this 30 Day Yoga Camp series! I always fall out of practice and then back in, and your videos are really helping me to stay motivated and energized. Thank you!
    I checked my email this morning and hadn't received Day 6 - I also checked my spam folder just in case, but nothing was to be found. Is there something going on with the subscription notifications?

    P.S. I lived in San Marcos two years ago for grad school and wish I'd known about your videos and classes then, I couldn't used the stress relief!

  18. Adriene,
    Thank you for this wonderful program. I just need some assistance with one of the moves.
    I have always had issues when trying to go from Plank to bringing one foot between my hands. Like my arms are too short. I never seem to have enough space to bring my foot all the way forward. Any tips?
    Namaste! Blessed Be <3

  19. Love all your videos! I first did the 30-day challenge and now Yoga Camp. Only have some issues with the e-mails, it went to Day 5, but I never got the e-mail of today (Day 6).

    - Dionne

  20. I signed up for boot camp but when I try to open the videos that I've accessed (from the e-mails that I receive) I get the message that the video is restricted and it must be approved for me to view. Help!

  21. Hi Adriene,

    I am really enjoying our yoga classes together. Your daily emails help so much to set the right mindset. Unfortunate, I haven*t received the 6 day Email. I also checked my spam folder- nothing 🙁 Can you please resend it?

    Thanks a lot and all the best from Germany

  22. I love your sharing the Mary Oliver poem. Her work has sustained me over many years.
    Today, I am alive with ease.

  23. Adriene, Day 5 was wonderful. thank you! Wondering who the teacher is you mentioned. I have a spine injury so am interested in understanding more re the anatomy of yoga. actually reading a book on it now as well! thanks! 🙂 - alyse

  24. Adriene I am alive with gratitude today. So thankful for finding your channel. It's only day 5 and I am feeling the positive effects from yoga camp already.
    Thank you!

  25. My emails for yoga camp seem to have stopped May 8th (Camp Day 5). I checked my junk mail too. Just wondering if you can help me troubleshoot! BTW, I am loving yoga with Adriene...just what the doctor ordered (wink)!!

  26. Hello,
    I have been doing your yoga camp. It is so amazing and has really been adding to my life. I feel as though something inside of me has woken up all of a sudden. Thank you. I have one rather silly question for you. What is the eyeshadow that you are wearing in these first few videos of yoga camp? It is so natural and pretty. I have been looking for something just like it.


  27. Thank you so much for these videos, Adriene. I enjoy them very much and they have been life changing for me. THANK YOU!

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