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TRUE - Day 2 - TRUST

If you want to catch a little fish, you can stay in shallow water. But if you want to catch the big fish, you've got to go deeper. David Lynch, Catching The Big Fish

It’s day two and the theme is TRUST.

Today’s practice is 36 minutes and sure to fly by if you remember your mediation on motive.

As we begin to add on to the vocabulary remember that this series is designed to help you find new tools to get back to what feels balanced.

So, if the speed doesn’t always vibe with your mood or energy level - remember - it is not always supposed to.


Trust the yoga.

Trust the process of yoga to deliver what you want to cultivate in your life.

Establishing trust in this practice will allow you to really taste and experience your time on the mat.

And let’s get real, your time is valuable. For me trusting the yoga means being open to getting out of your head and into your body.  It means committing not to the yoga poses but to spending this time with yourself. Breathing, listening and trusting your instincts.

Right from the start… make the most of your commitment to this practice and trust yourself.

This will pave the path to truth.

You cannot love if you cannot trust.

And it all starts with you.

Trust what is true.

And for heavens sake, it’s only day 2 so stick with it!

The physical practice picks up today. Notice where you catch a snag and trust it’s all great information for you on this journey.  Be kind and I will see you on the mat!



39 comments on “TRUE - Day 2 - TRUST”

  1. I've been a little lazy lately, and have never really done yoga so I'm pretty much of a beginner. But... I love this. Thank you! I'm sticking with it!

  2. This class was particularly apt for me, as I had my family interrupting (by accident of course) just like your dear dog. Learned to not let it upset me as much or stress me out and just adapt my flow. Cheers!

  3. Hi Adriene. Loved this one thank you! Not sure why, but I never received your email today. I did find the video on YouTube though but not the same without your lovely email. Looking forward to day 3! Sheila (Brighton UK). ❤

  4. Hi 🙂 I signed up a few days ago on your emails, and then i got the introduction email and the first day email. But since then i havent recieved any emails, and i cant figure out why.. They arent in my spam mail.. I was looking forward to getting the daily emails and would be really happy if you could help!



    It feels so good. I look forward to the 30 day journey.
    I do yoga with my dog Freddy. I think he is happy we are back on the matt after a short break for the holidays.
    Thank you for your time.

  6. Thank you Adriene! Best workout ever and love the vibe for the new year... How cute is Benji!? Happy New Year 🙂 xxx

  7. How ca I sign up!
    I love your classes, your spirit and everything in your site .... but how can I get your news letter?

    1. Please send your newsletters. I do yoga regularly near the ocean in Cozumel with some pros and at my home town gym, called ALiVE.
      Now since I found you you-tube, I can do it anytime. Thankyou so kindly. I’m really enjoying it!

  8. Trust and faith go hand and hand. Thanks Adriene for all your time and love. I have enoyed doing the 30 day yoga programs with you!

  9. Dear Adriene, maybe you won't see this anytime soon, but I really wanted to share. I did day 2 yesterday (Trust) and thought really deeply about my trainer/yoga instructor here in Brazil, Adriane Dambolena, that I wasn't seen in a while because I was too busy. We were together for several years and she trained me beyond I could ever imagine. She was so energetic, full of life and taught me I could always do it. And your practice reminded me of her, so I went to sleep thinking about her. When I got to work today, I found out she passed away with cancer. I'm so sad, but I know she would be so proud of me for doing this 30 days challenge. Thank you for reminding me to trust the process.

    1. thank you for sharing. this story is very touching.
      good luck with your practice beyond the imaginable!

  10. I was looking at another paid course when someone had cheekily given you a plug in the comments and here I am.
    I live out of town and although I have historically paid for yoga classes the times don't often suit plus travelling time there and back eats up way too much of my workday.
    I am loving this class! I like your explanations and you wit and the asanas!
    Very pleased that I found you Adriene 🙂

  11. I loved this one, and it made me feel so good. Your voice telling me that I had to trust you, my self, yoga. That I was good enough. No matter what.

    Thank you for what you are doing. I came over your youtube channel a year ago, and you made me find inner piece and love to my self. And you made me love yoga (tho I'm not flexible at all...yet).

    Thanks again, and keep up the good work.



  12. I love this series so far. After my car accident last month this came just in time! And this video was relaxing and strengthening and it made me laugh!! My dog was trying to cuddle and play with me the whole time too lol

  13. Thank you, Adriene, for making these seasons free. I haven't been "true" to my body lately and found these sessions helpful. Since, it's been awhile, I have committed to 3 days a week currently. I hope to increase that as I better myself.
    You are the best! 🙂

  14. This is so great! Trust, something I am working on within myself because I do not trust myself. Which is hard to admit. I love the gentle flow of the moves too. Thank you.

  15. I'm picking this up today after practicing with Day 1 a week ago and I love it! I can't wait to complete the full series. Thank you.

  16. Dear Adriene (and staff)
    this Trust practice was wonderful.
    i Stated i Trust.
    then, as i had to teach 5 classes of mindfulness afterwards, with children of elementary school.
    to some i prepared nothing, since i have difficulty organising and preparing.
    but i trusted like never before.
    i was then clear, stable and the teaching went so well..
    i thank you for this great Dana, generosity. it flows on!
    much apreciation
    Naomi, Tel Aviv

  17. DOGGIEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

    ...way more effective at making me smile than when you ask me to. Please invite Benjy to the mat every day.

  18. Loved this today! Trusting myself and just being has always been hard for me, the past 2 sessions with you have opened a part of me that I didn't know was there. Thank you!

  19. I too am missing emails.
    I also need the calendar; I deleted the welcome letter and can’t seem to find it.
    I was late started but I have day 2 completed and I’m feeling great already. Thanks
    Journey On

  20. Love this! I have a little extra appreciation for the little moments when you remind us about the neck or where to gaze. I like to close my eyes but sometimes when I do that I forget about my neck and either lose alignment there or hold unnecessary tension.

    Also. I'm interested in essential oils. Haven't used them much. Found some comments on your site and found your WholeFoods video/mat spray. Any other tips or mixtures you recommend?

    Thank you!!!

  21. I haven't for the longest time felt like I had any time to not think - which means I haven't done yoga for a long time without it felt like something that just needed to be over with. And I had earnestly forgotten how amazing it is to just feel your body, relax and take time to not think or worry about anything but just to focus on what feels good. I know I am late starting these 30 days, but I trust that no matter what, as long as you show up and do your thing and makes sure it feels good, it doesn't matter when or where.
    Thank you, Adriene for reminding me how good yoga feels and for making my day

  22. Thanks adrienne, I am enjoying these videos - at last I accept it doesn't matter if my knees are bent and I am not as flexible as long as it feels good - and it does Many thanks Tracey x

  23. It feels so delicious to go slowly, even when it is hard.
    I can feel how tight my calves are and I've noticed that I can't get from down dog to lunge and have to step (in the rush of a class, I just thought I was slow and would break down the pose and rebuild).

    Also, I love your dog.

    Thank you for making this easy to come back to.

  24. I am finally coming on board to the True journey, after following your yoga journey for a a couple of years now..
    I was so close to coming off the tracks and opting for a more "slow and relaxing" practise - I'm not a morning person!
    But I read your True message underneath, and you said 'if the speed doesn’t always vibe with your mood or energy level – remember – it is not always supposed to.'

    I'm now feeling that fire in my core, the connection to my roots and feeling more ready to start my day..

    Thank you beautiful Adriene.

    A very grateful Daisy, from London.

  25. Day 2 complete. Thanks Adriene! I am finding the 30 min in the middle of my work day to connect with myself. I love yoga. Thanks for sharing it.

  26. I am really enjoying this 30 day YWA plan and although I am only on day 2 I am enjoying it. Your delivery is perfect. Inspired to do day 3 tomorrow.

  27. I want to trust that opening my toes will change my life!
    Thank you Adriene, after "YWA Home", I've joined this "YWA True" Journey and it seems it's going to be fun and powerful.
    If you happen to make a course for Yoga and Rock Climbing, I will come all the way from Italy to where you are to follow!

  28. Thank you so much for doing what you do Adriene! You are absolutely my favorite yoga instructor. You bring a sweet kindness and joy to each practice. I feel like I know you. Love, peace, and gratitude to you ❤️❤️

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