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Foundations of Knees Chest Chin Pose

Knees chest chin pose is a great full body strengthener. Here we break it down starting with the foundations of the posture and then slowly move to how we might transition with toes on the ground from Downward Facing Dog.

This pose is a wonderful preparatory pose for Chaturanga Dandasana and other arm balances or wight bearing poses. It strengthens the abdomen, back, arms, shoulders and legs. Remember that it is a practice. Through regular practice you will find the body stronger, the spine more flexible and the transition smoother.

If you suffer from carpel tunnel, please be mindful or avoid this posture. If you have other medical concerns be sure to consult with your doctor.

15 comments on “Foundations of Knees Chest Chin Pose”

  1. Thank you so much! This is wonderful! You're such an inspiration, and such a great source of knowledge. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Namaste Adriene! You speak my language and I am so happy to find you! ^_^ what you offer is exactly the kind of yoga that supports my flow/Joy! I appreciate and love your unique self! Yay!!!!! Awesomeness!! With deep Love harmony & balance Betsy from Michigan

    1. And I appreciate YOU! Thank you Betsy! It feels so good be free and ourselves. Our practice should reflect that as that is what makes us HAPPY. Namaste! XOOO

  3. WOW. thank you. ive been doing yoga at home for years.. and never been able to master that transition. the butt in the air REALLY helps. thanks

  4. I just started yoga a few months ago doing practices at home. I must say that using your videos has been the easiest to follow for me and I find I do get the most workout. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Hi adriene, I am brand new to yoga, love your videos. Afraid my 61 yr old body is pretty weak have been enduring an ongoing cancer battle. I believe yoga will be most beneficial, what would you recommend after doing the beginning yoga for a couple weeks. Is there a longer, next step video I can purchase? Thank you, you are amazing.

  6. Hi Adriene,

    I would just like to start by saying that I love your videos, you are very inspiring and such a beautiful person!

    I have just recently stumbled across your YouTube videos which are great. I was just wondering though whether it would be recommended to take private classes or whether I can actually learn the art of yoga alone through the use of online videos/books etc?

    Love from the UK,


  7. So glad to have found your video! I really struggle with this pose - I cannot seem to keep my elbows in to the side and just collapse! I've only just started yoga (am50) and don't have much upper body strength - is there another pose that can help me develop strength and flexibility required for this one?

    Many thanks for your videos - they're great!

    Ali x

  8. Hi Adriene...! Cannot believe I found your you tube videos with closed captions!! I'm a deaf yoga teacher/student and finding decent subtitles on videos is very...RARE!! Yours seem to the best ones so far (only a few were a bit unclear but not many) I just wanted to ask...are your website videos not captioned? As just on website and they don't seem to be. Is it only the you tube ones?
    Jules xx

  9. Adriene,

    Thanks for the 30 days series. I have been through it several times as well as the 30 day camp. Your approach and technical instruction and style work really well for me.

    I find that my many chronic aches and pains are much better when I practice yoga consistently and frequently with your various video series.

    Thanks for all you do. Let's keep it rolling!!!

    Ned ( in South Carolina)

  10. I just started practicing yoga at 57 years old with a right leg knee replacement and a L4L5 fusion. I have been at it now for 3 months, I am slow at the flow, and not too flexible yet but I am improving. I love watching and following your videos. You have been such a help and an inspiration to me. Thank you

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