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Dedicate - Day 3 - Observe

Here is your Day 3 Dedicate practice! Our 30 Days Of Yoga series continues, workshop style, setting you up for an strong, fulfilling sustainable home practice. Learn to be present with whatever comes your way. Day 3 invites you to reside in the role of the observer. Stick with this practice and you will have everything you need to get to Day 30.

Tomorrow's practice runs shorter and the pace picks up as we move along. The hardest part is showing up. You are doing great! Namaste.

41 comments on “Dedicate - Day 3 - Observe”

  1. Loving the series so far. Feel the most connected to myself and the Kula. Looking forward to the coming practices.

  2. Thank you, thank you Adriene.
    I got on the mat with feelings of anxiety from a stressful morning and was not certain if I could focus. But to my pleasant surprise, with the foundation practice from yesterday, the dedicate practice was one of the best that I have experienced.
    So blessed and grateful for you.

  3. Loving my first time doing yoga! Thank you so much! Will there be a plan for every month?

    1. Adriene only does one 30 day series a year 🙂 There are many individual videos that are similar and you can go back and re-do former 30 days series ... last year was "True"...JC

  4. You shouldn’t say this video is for beginners.

    I am a beginner, in middling shape. I did your basics video for three days. Then I started your 30 days. I was sorta lost on day 2, more on day 3. I have to look at the screen to recreate your positions, since I can’t remember them all yet, and then am too far behind to catch up.

    I am SO frustrated. I’ll probably go back to more beginner videos just so I know what you’re talking about.

    Maybe you could put out a video showing what you mean by different positions so that we can see what you mean before we try to do them.

    1. Hi Amanda, Adriene has quite a few videos in her "foundation series" where she takes one pose and breaks it down. If you go to the website, you can put a specific pose in the search bar at the top right of the home page or just type in "foundations" and a bunch of videos will pop up for you!

    2. Don't be frustrated Amanda! Just stick with it and my biggest advice to you (because I can relate to being frustrated when I first started over two years ago) is modify what you are doing and take it at your own pace. Modify, modify, modify is key when you are starting (heck there are still many things I can't do! You won't be able to do everything Adriene does and that is perfectly fine. Just do what you can!! And you will be pleasantly surprised throughout this journey! We got you 🙂

      1. When I first started the 30 day series I watched it one day then did it twice in real life on consecutive days. I only needed to do this on my first 30 days then I was off. Keep going, it's worth it!

  5. Hey Adrienne, LOVin this 30 day series (though a couple of days behind). Am practising In NSW in Australia. On my Verandah where its currently 35*C at 10.30am and heading rapidly for oooh 40+* this afternoon. I am surrounded by green space, birds, bees, dogs, cats and a gentle (if warm) breeze. IT DOES NOT GET MUCH BETTER THAN THIS

    1. I agree Maureen, when surrounded by birds and animals, it makes for a special experience. I am also a few days behind, but now that the cool change has hit NSW, it's heavenly! I found it hard this morning, and I was a bit sore after yesterday, but I know that persistence will pay off. Best wishes for your practice and for a positive 2019.

  6. Yay!!!! Day 3 practiced!!! Adriene, thank you for your gift!!!! I'm so looking forward to connecting with others in the wonderful community you created!!! -Peace and Love

  7. Thank you Adriene for explaining all the little things, like little adjustments. I've had two knee replacements and four cervical spine fusions. I must stay moving or else I fear I won't move much at all in the future. I am so glad I found you!

  8. Not your best; too slow moving and way too many sidetracks on Adriene's part. While I have not left comments here before I have sent Adriene thank you notes

    1. I noticed this too although, the pace and many cues but I have been practicing with Adriene's videos for awhile so I expected this. In fact it was just this that had me keep going in the very beginning - the gentle nature and approach overall so it has its purpose. I disagree that it's not her best, maybe a more challenging workout is where you are at? And I just hit the fast forward button and get to the exercise...I think am ready to begin paying the monthly subscription and gaining access to the more intermediate practices (which I suspect is the point of the free 30 day series...). 🙂 JC

    2. This is a foundational series, it's supposed to be slow-moving. Perhaps you should look into her intermediate series for more fast-paced action.

      1. LOVE Adrienne's videos! We just completed the 30 days with Adrienne series and fell in love with yoga (and with Adriense's awesome teaching). We decided to try Dedicate next and though we'll try to stick with it - as friendly feedback and all due respect - we do often find ourselves standing or sitting through a lot of talking.
        Versus 30-days of Yoga, where the talking was done as we practiced. We're hopeful that it's just the beginning of Dedicate and perhaps it will balance out as we progress.

  9. Observe: the warmth of the dog's body curled up against you as you both breathe deeply on the yoga mat. Now observe how difficult it is to move into cat-cow as he stretches out to fully occupy two thirds of the mat. My canine companion found this practice very satisfying.

  10. I needed so much of this today - and for the first time ever in my entire life I flowed straight into tree pose with my foot at the very top of my thigh. I managed not to fall over in surprise! Observation - I do not do well when I need to sit through general discomfort (not pain), I am a fidget monster.

  11. Thank you Adriene for this opportunity! I have a question. I observed that when I got into position to do tree pose (feet together, eyes closed) that I was wobbly without even lifting my foot at all. Is this common for beginners?

  12. It took me many times to get thru the video today, from AM to PM, due to distractions, but once I did, it flowed so easily! I'll be back for more; I've been a FWFG member for over a year, and now working the "Dedicate" practice on my own time. Thank-you for helping me honor this new year and cycle of Dedication! Namaste, Lia

  13. Am injured at the mo so can't go running ...turned this into a positive and created the opportunity for me to rekindle with yoga...I am loving the videos so far! Thanks for your support

  14. I participated in two other 30 day journeys. This is by far my favorite. I love the pace and the focus on building foundations. Thank you for this wonderful experience.

  15. I stumbled on this series trying to find my way back to yoga after years and years. Knowing I needed to after some fumbling and what feels like living in limbo in my life. Today was amazing. I cried. This is what I needed. Thank you.

  16. I started yoga with Adriene on youtube at the start of lock down in mid March, I randomly chose sessions from the way I was feeling. I started the 30 day sessions on 20th April and I can honestly say for the first time in my life I am enjoying exercising. Only day 3 but its in the bag! Thank you Adriene.

  17. Loved the last two 30 day practices and found today was difficult to find my balance. I love your persuasive voice and tone. You are a truly amazing teacher. Hopefully balance will be better tomorrow. Namaste Adriene.

  18. Day 3 done! For the past few days, I have been experiencing a calm mind, but a sort of restless one? I don't know!

  19. Amazing to do this yoga practice especially after tennis match where I can stretch out in the best possible way. Feeling very grounded and what I imagine a Buddha feels..long may it last

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