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Dedicate - Day 13 - Space

It's lucky Day 13! This 21 min integrative session is designed to bring a gentle opening to all parts of the body… and to your mind, too.

Pro tip: use your breath.

Day 13 is the ultimate brain and body yoga session. It is through this type of practice that we begin to settle into the experience of our yoga, instead of residing in our constant ambition to ‘get it right.’

This is also the perfect elixir for our inevitably strong and ever-surfacing desire to get instant results.

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16 comments on “Dedicate - Day 13 - Space”

  1. Adriene, you are by far my favorite yoga teacher on Youtube! My 7 year old daughter even enjoys practicing with me to your videos. Thank you so much for all that you do!

  2. Today marks 1 year of my (almost) daily at home yoga practice with Adriene as my teacher and my breath as my guide. I came to YWA, literally on my knees, after losing a client to suicide. I felt like I was free falling and needed something/someone to provide me a safety net while I waded through this loss and questioned my passion in helping others. I will forever be grateful to Adriene for her gentle call for self compassion and the importance of showing up, paying attention and honoring how I come to the mat each day, and taking this into my work and my life. Namaste.

    1. Amazing. This choked me up. I study psychology and hope to work in a psychiatric hospital. I’ve been a patient myself. I have always found my purpose to be helping others. Very empathic. Yoga really helps me too. It helps me through the losses and helps me celebrate the wins too. I’m so glad you found it.

  3. Lost a day Saturday with Ohio snow, so did a double session catch-up today. Perfect choice! Curate and Space were great back-to-back. A little more brain than body. Made me think about what and why while still practicing and strengthening. I feel calmly great and in control of my... stuff - mentally and physically. Ready to take on some new adventures and proud of myself for being back on schedule. Stick with it friends; we are all worth it! Adriene, you are on my grateful list for tonight - and Benji, too! Namaste to all.

  4. This is the way yoga is intended to be. I appreciate those who practice in gyms, but it is more like 'exercise' class. This is a perfect balance of breath, spirit and hatha yoga poses. Bravo!

  5. J'adore ces sessions! Love it all, like someone else wrote, these videos and Adriene's style brought me back to yoga and it feedls great! Stéphanie from France (living in Germany though..)

  6. Adriene,
    I want to start by thanking you from the bottom of my heart for the yoga you provide online to so many people. I have been practicing at home with you for several years now.

    I just have one comment in response to something you said in this yoga practice and which I've heard before and that is the phrase, "The body is a metaphor." Maybe I am not a spiritualist at heart, but this phrase is a philosophy I find dangerous in a world that is driven more and more by ideologies that propel people to harm their fellow human beings. To say that the body is a metaphor seems to imply that there is something more important or to think of aspects of being human in a hierarchical, Platonic kind of way. To me, ideologies must be checked by human compassion. I do not see the body as separate from the mind, which is one reason I've always loved yoga and how it addresses the mind and the body in a holistic way.

    Maybe there is something I'm not clearly understanding about this; certainly, I'm no scholar of eastern religions, so I'm open to comments, thoughts.

  7. Hiya Adriene, Benji and team.

    This is my third year of joining you on the mat each day, well nearly each day, and it is with a great truth that I can say it has changed my life. I have gradually found my peace, with myself and others and this has empowered me throughout all that I do.

    My teenage children thought it was totally necessary for me to join them on the Southern Hemisphere's biggest roller coaster ride and quite terrified, I jumped on in. I am telling you this because as we flew through the air twisting and turning with everyone screaming, I just closed my eyes and breathed. It was then I realised that yoga has become my way of life, my go to.

    Thanks for your passion and genuine love. Thanks for being you! It is a great thing to make a difference, no matter how big or small.

  8. Thank you for such a beautiful practice. I’ve been amazed on this journey of your wisdom and at how these practices have timed with the things I need. Today was especially poignant as I woke up feeling overwhelmed and inadequate. As I leaned into the openings, I felt the rush of freshness and was left crying at the end of the practice as I repeated the mantra “I am worthy of goodness” which has seemed hard to believe lately. Thank you for reminding me that my value doesn’t come from anything I do but from being a daughter of God. It was a beautiful practice and one I will always remember.

  9. What a great session and as often happens, perfect timing ... this idea of "making space" really resonated, and I hadn't felt it that way before physically, in my body. I could feel myself recalling that sensation during the day too, in the street, on my bicycle... which is one of the best things for me about this daily practice. Thank you so much!

  10. Today was Awesome! Each and every word that you spoke resonated with me sooooo much. Every word along with the practice felt as if I was becoming lighter and lighter. Thank-you so much for this amazing experience!

  11. Please do a 15-20 minute video for Jiu-Jitsu practitioners. We are often in the fetal position with some big guy smashing down on us. The whole front of my body is tight from head to toe. My shoulders , neck , low back/si, and hips also need help.

  12. Adriene you said: "take the biggest breath you have ever taken in your life!"- what an especially wonderful thing to do! Thank you very much for your inspirational yoga practice.

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