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Crow Practice

Crow Practice guides you through a sequence of yoga poses that will help you take flight. It's not about the yoga pose but how you get there! Stretch out, warm up and connect to the deeper muscles that will lift you up and guide you to fly in Bakasana. Check out the Foundations Of Crow Pose for full Bakasana tutorial. This practice is a great one to repeat! Work to be present each time you arrive back on your mat and watch both your awareness and the asanas grow!

4 comments on “Crow Practice”

  1. I have been looking for this kind of practice for a while. My balance in crow is just awful, and I want to get so much better. I really want to move it into handstands and headstands, but I figure the best way is to move into practicing crow more often.

    Thank you so much, Adriene.

  2. Through this video and your other other for the foundations of yoga I finally learned how to actually do this pose It showed me a lot about how to trust your body and what you can do with it if you are always willing to try and never give up I’ve been at it for years now and every time I met another new yoga instructor and show them what I can do with it They are always so proud of me cause it is a hard pose to learn but one of the newest instructors downtown owns her own yoga studio when I do it there She just disses at me that o can fall and break my neck I understand she may be coming from experience but I am too That’s why I never wanted to do it in the first place but I don’t want her to scare me out of k Laing that I learned through you and every morning when o go over my video for the day to trust my practice and what you have helped me to overcome It hurts knowing that she doesn’t trust me but she also tried to run someone else out of business too and my mom doesn’t trust her and I’ve had to figure this out the hard way since we were friends from the start I always trust myself enough to know I know what I’m doing It’s just a shame she doesn’t cause I have the same skill and ability as she does when it comes to yoga and am looking at becoming yoga instructor myself I just wish she could get over whatever her problem is with me I know you trust me you trust all of us cause we all are on our journey and you always remind us to trust what we are doing and how to catch ourselves if we fall and I love you for that Thank you for helping me with such a challenging pose I will always be forever grateful for that I couldn’t ask for a better yoga instructor I really appreciate you

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