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Chair Pose - Utktasana

Learn Chair Pose or Utkatasana as our Foundations of Yoga series continues!

Sit back in your fierce chair with proper alignment and action. Adriene breaks down this powerful yoga pose that tones and rejuvenate the legs. Chair pose strengthens the ankles, the hip flexors, the lower and back body and opens the front body and chest. It is also stimulates the heart and is great for the feet! Be mindful of the knees and lower back and focus ease as you grow this posture and sink in. As always, find what feels good!

12 comments on “Chair Pose - Utktasana”

  1. Hi Adriene,

    I always make sure to start my day with one of your videos. You look so positive and it's really refreshing. Love your t-shirt. So true.

    Can't wait to see your next videos. Thank you

    Mady-Nina, a french yogi

  2. Adriene! A biig bag of thanks. Even after joining a class, I just couldnt follow what was happening. I skipped out after 2.. And after loads of photo collecting from Pinterest and reading up on the internet, I realized I hadnt made any effective progress from where I had started. Discovering your channel was an awesome Eureka moment for me!! Thank you and please keep those vids coming.. m sure we all dif both your foundation vids and the sequences..And i no longer freeze at poses, I no longer confuse between hip and waist..I no longer stop!! Thank you, today, I ordered my first Yoga block 🙂

  3. I really enjoy working out with your videos. I'm embracing the attitudevof self expression. Keep the vids coming. ADRIENE 🙂

  4. Hi Adriene, I'm really enjoying working my way through your video's (when my toddler doesn't decide to 'help'

  5. Hi Adriene!

    I sent you a comment on one of your videos on YouTube but just thought I should contact you through your website instead.. I am just beginning yoga and would like to know which yoga mat do you recommend? Also, do you have a specific day when you upload videos on YouTube?

  6. Hi Adrienne,
    I have limited time to practice so I always went for your weight loss videos. I thought the foundations would be too simple. Holy moly I've never held this pose for so long! Not simple at all, great workout, off to do some more foundations!

  7. Wonderful videos - I was always intimidated in classes but slowly working through these specific poses makes me feel confident that I am getting it right. I feel wonderful after I do these poses. Thank you!

  8. I've taken some yoga classes and you help me understand poses and it feels great afterwards. I have anxiety and these videos helps me to relax and let go of my stress. I love that it's free videos because I'm broke. I feel more focused on things that need to get done and more energetic and more of a balanced mood.

  9. Hi Adriene!

    Being a perfectionist I started out doing your 20 beginners yoga video for a week, then I did the 40 minute one on a weekend and started the foundations series, 2 or 3 every morning. I can't believe I'm almost done with foundations and I plan to move on to the 30 day challenge and some yoga for weight loss (getting married in August!)
    Thank you so much for the endless amount of support and options to practice yoga every morning. I feel so much stronger already!

  10. Husband 85 wants yoga video To help stretch and loosen his body. Cannot do floor poses, too hard to get up and down. Please advise.

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