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30 Days of Yoga - Day 11

Day 11 of 30 Days of Yoga! Lions, Lizards and Dogs, OH MY! This full body at home yoga practice is a healthy boost to both body and MIND.

Day 11 balances and strengthen's your Shakti energy. Shakti is considered the essential energy to live a healthy and vibrant life. Connect to an open mind and heart with creative energy - whatever that means to you. Use this awesome practice to seek, find and connect to the power within. Stay curious! "Don't Give Up!" Discover! It's there. Awaken it! This sequence is also awesome for pre-workout warm up - great before a run or a trip to the gym.

Let me know how this sequence makes you feel down below! It' s time for a little energetic hygiene! Enjoy!

64 comments on “30 Days of Yoga - Day 11”

    1. hi, since day 10 was only 10 minutes I moved ahead to day 11, another great practice, thank you

    2. Thank-you so very much for providing these videos. They have helped me tremendously.

  1. Hey Adriene,

    I'm really loving your 30 days of yoga program! I'm a complete beginner and enjoying to play with all these new postures every day. It's a great start of each day and it feels already more natural and flowing! Thank you!

    Only one question (tried to post it before, but apparenty it did'nt work..): I've subscribed to the downloadable edition. No problems with the video's, but I'm not receiving the daily emails from you... Can I still find them somewhere?

    Namaste all the way from the Netherlands

      1. Another dutchie here! Loving this. Serious shoulder issues from my past employment, but trying to do what I can.

  2. Hi Adriene,

    I love your style of guiding, it's got me practicing daily at home! Thanks for doing what you're doing, love it. I do however have a couple of issues I was wondering if you had any advice about - I'm really tight in my hips which meant I found some of the poses (squatting etc) in day 8 really uncomfortable - is it just a case of keep on keepin on? Also, I get really uncomfortable when it comes to letting the head hang over loosely, whether that's in a forward fold standing or folding over on the floor - the discomfort goes right down my spine and I have to stop - is this normal? And finally, I suffer from chronic shoulder knots which (as I type in fact) cause me varying to severe levels of pain and distraction throughout the day - please, any tips on how to strengthen the shoulders or stuff that is good for this kind of pain that I can incorporate into my daily practice would be beyond welcome.

    Thanks ever so much again, you're ace


    1. Hi Ruth! I've suffered from chronic shoulder knots for years, I had a stressful life. Is it a physical problem or is it psychological like mine?

      When I had still my old lifestyle with over 3 hours of daily commute by car/public transport, I went to my doctor and he wanted to prescribe antidepressants, not because I was depressed, but because of "the muscle memory" of years of shoulder knots. (He's a spine specialist) I didn't want to use pills and decided to change my life.

      I moved to another city, a greener and more bikefriendly one. I started commuting by bike to make constant activity through the day. I heard swimming is very good for backpain, although I don't like pools so I run. To overcome the stress, I do yoga and meditation daily, I journal to track my anxiety. I live a frugal life and mostly I work from home.

      I know not everybody can do all those changes, but if it's stress related, try to change some habits. I wish you a good recovery!

    2. Hi Ruth!

      I actually suffer from the same chronic shoulder knots and tension. I'm in my 20s, and this pain started after only 2 months of the same type of commute Sezgi mentioned (3-4 hours in a car every day). I started seeing a chiropractor and a massage therapist which both provide great relief. However, this is a temporary type of relief, and there is always a need to see them again in about a month. But it does feel great to be in alignment and get some muscle tension relief, even if it's only for a few weeks. Now, I'm living in Korea, and I see a chiropractor who also performs pressure point massage, and that's the best result I've gotten. But again, it's temporary. I'm finding that doing yoga really helps, and I'm purposefully becoming a fan of Earl Grey tea for the bergamont oil that's in it. You can buy this essential oil by itself, and it's commonly used to treat stress.

      Personally, I think seeing a chiropractor and massage therapist should be parts of regular health practices because of the benefits of each. Even if those things are treating symptoms, sometimes that's necessary. I've started to do yoga and use bergamont oil in an attempt to deal with stress, the ultimate root of the issue (for me anyway - everyone is different).

      I don't know where you're from, but most chiropractors in the US will offer a free consultation. You could start there to see if there is actually a physical problem with your spine. Even minute issues can result in chronic pain.

      I hope you can find some of these ideas useful 🙂

    3. Hi Ruth

      I totally agree with Sharon, I suffer from tightness in the hips-due to prior injury. If i look down my whole back hurts, and the muscles in my neck and shoulders are hard as rocks! I have come to learn some of these are stress related and a lot of them are related to subluxations in my spine. (when a vertebra is misaligned). Keep an keeping on is definitely important, you should always warm up your muscles before stretching. Maybe take a walk before your practice or run in place for a minute.

      But mostly what has worked for me is seeing Chiropractor. They treat your nervous system which in turn "treats" the rest of your body, basically nothing happens nothing happens with out receiving a message from your brain (including tightening/loosening of muscles) and the brain cannot send all the correct messages if your spine is misaligned-and if your wondering if your spine is misaligned I can promise you it is! especially with all that tightness! The chiropractor has also helped me fell more energetic and I couldn't get through cold snowing winter depression with out it! So give it a try it is a great thing to incorporate into your life especially if you are doing yoga, they just go hand in hand!

      Good Luck!

    4. Ruth, I know this is a very delayed response but I have a lot of similar problems, so I felt compelled to write. I've been working on them for a while now, and have researched a ton and I'm finally figuring out what works for my body. Everything in the body is connected and when one thing hurts, it's probably caused by numerous problems. For example, I have very tight hips and lower back pain. A lot of it is just an angry Psoas muscle of mine (look it up, very interesting). And hanging your head low causing pain, that's totally due to not being flexible. I experience the same thing. Try doing neck, back, and leg stretches daily to relieve that.

      Are you doing her yoga videos without warming up? If you are not flexible then it's critical to warm the muscles before you go into yoga or any sort of stretching. Foam rolling, walking, or any type of activity to get all the muscles warm and ready for movement is really helpful. Regardless if you warm up or not, it's always important to respect your limitations. If the body is screaming "no!" then obviously listen.

      Yin yoga has helped me with my shoulders and upper back, you should look into that. It's very easy, graceful and restful. For people like us, I think the body just needs a little extra loving and care. Maintenance is super important to avoid pain, and though yoga is uncomfortable - it probably just means you need to practice that much more. Also, to relieve those knots throughout the day try carrying around a tennis ball and leaning against the wall (the ball between you and the wall) and have it placed on the spot that ails you. Move the ball around with your body weight and give yourself a massage! It's really awesome for those moments where you need instant relief. I hope this helps you even just a little bit.

  3. I did this sequence after my (very cold) run today, before I looked at the blog entry that suggested doing it before 🙂 No matter. It was a great way to open my hips after my run today. Thanks, Adriene. I am loving the 30 days so far.

  4. So, I know this is probably dumb to celebrate about---but, my heels finally touched the mat in downward dog today! Totally wasn't expecting it or pushing for it, just happened. From a super non-flexible person with uber tight hamstrings, this is a victory! Thanks for making this videos and keeping them so easily accessible. This 30 day challenge has been a blessing to my body.

    1. That isn't dumb at all! I'm hoping to achieve that some day, and I will definitely be celebrating! The small things really are the big things!
      I've been practicing yoga for about a month now, and my body feels amazing. Yoga is indeed a blessing to the body.

  5. Thank you! My body knows so much more than I think.. I could do thees postures today and I find myself doing poses with you that I did not know I could do. I am in a place now with my body where being a Yogi is really comfortable and cool. And I´m so happy that You did this 30 day challenge now cause it means I can allow myself to "have to" do it. It helps me to stay with myself.
    I want to be the best I can be for myself and my family. I want to be awake every moment.
    I am so grateful sweet Adriene.

  6. I kept reading "Shatki" like "shiitake" as in the mushroom. Then I realized, I need to slow down, had a good laugh at myself, and thought I'd share the laughter. OIe!

  7. Hi Adriene! I love your 30 Days of Yoga so far! Please make all of your videos close-captioned on YouTube. Most are, but a few aren't. Following the captions help me who is hard of hearing know what you're saying. Thanks, Adriene, for the videos. Such a gift!

  8. Another great practice today! Especially love the Lizard Pose! Nice Wizard of Oz reference too! Thank you so much!

  9. I am enjoying every practice! I love the poses that are new to me and the tips on those I've had for awhile.

  10. I am loving the variety in your yoga, I am trying something new, that I have never tried before nearly everyday and I love it. It's not just providing me with a small space of time just for me but also inviting me into experiencing many aspects of yoga that I had not realised before. I have already invited two other friends to join me on the yoga experience and they are both loving it too. Thanks you so much Adriene. You are really making a huge difference in our lives.

  11. This was my favorite video of yours yet! I feel awesome. You are so very wonderful. Thank you for existing.
    Namaste, Adriene.

  12. Adriene,

    Could you do a video on yoga for the wrists? Working on crow pose has left them feeling sore.


  13. Really good for my bad hip when we cross legged and touched the floor. Will try that move every day to exercise my hip.

  14. Every day brings new discoveries. Day 11 is a treat for tight hips. Thanks for luring me back into the practice.

  15. This is one of my favorite Yoga with Adriene videos ever!
    Also, loving those floral yoga leggings! Where can I get me some of them stylin' things?

  16. Really enjoyed this practice. It is so refreshing to not feel pressured into moving quickly and doing everything a specific way. Thank you Adrienne!

  17. DAY 11: Feeling like Heaven! This was the perfect way to start my morning, with you, Adriene, after a long walk and swim yesterday for "Ride for the Roses," here in Curaçao! Back a bit sunburnt so happy today's practice did not spend a lot of time there. Challenged to balance with crossed legs as I've had surgery on my left ankle, yet feeling blessed for this awesome Shakti practice. Thank you for adding in all of the variations and the instructions so necessary to get each move as right as possible, even though you are not in the room with us, yet so in tune with us! Hoping to feel more like Gumby rather than the Tin Man by the end of 30 days! 🙂

  18. This series is the nicest thing I have done for myself in a long time! As someone with lifelong body image/eating issues, I have come to this challenge with the intention of focusing on how my body feels, how strong or how happy it makes me etc., instead of obsessing about calories burned, how much I weight I need to lose, all that stuff. What a gift you have given me!

  19. Hello! I love your videos! I am very behind, but doing what I can and I've been trying to catch up. I am having problems viewing some of the videos though, and wonder if it's because they are older now? Any help would be appreciated! I love what your doing and am having fun going along with your videos (and learning not to stress out on myself when I fall behind)! You are a great teacher! Much love from Ventura CA!

  20. What a fabulous practice! Every muscle feels so good now. Does anyone have a recommendation for an hour long practice with the same feel? I need more!

  21. I just moved to Miami and don't know anyone, your videos are such a nice thing to look forward to at the end of a long day! Thank you!

  22. Day 11 left me in the mood to meditate, which I have not done in years. My father has been practicing TM twice daily since he was a teenager. He had me trained but it's something I almost never do. But today inspired me and I had the most wonderful return to meditation after this practice.

    I never really thought this would be the case, but this 30 days of yoga is convincing me that I can and should consider incorporating daily yoga, and potentially daily meditation, into my life.

  23. I'm really loving this series, and am getting so much out of the practise. Every day feels like my favourite day, but this one was fantastic for my lower back. I sit at a computer all day, so I really need to do more of the hip opening poses. I am so happy to be doing yoga again, and I am so grateful to you, Adriene. Thank you.

  24. Another great practice with poses I have never done before. Loved it! I also now want to go pull out my old Graceland album. Thanks!

  25. I just want to say Thank you for this 30 day yoga challenge! I stumbled across this on YouTube and wanted to join up right away. I am kinda a beginner but kinda not at the same time. I just have issues with consistency and I find that this 30 days of yoga is very attainable. So thank you very much again for this awesome attainable practice that I get excited about doing even when I'm dog tired 🙂

  26. I'm doing Adriene's 30-days as the weather cools. Day 11 has given me the energy and movement I've long sought to release my very tight hip flexors, and improve my balance. Gracie mille Adriene!

  27. Wow! I really loved day 11! Adriene, thank you for those videos! You are an amazing yoga guide!

  28. Hi Adriene,

    like everyone here I very much enjoy your Yoga practices. I can't keep up to the daily routine due to my work load but I definitely will keep on going whenever I can.
    Thank you so much for putting all this energy into it, you're definitely an inspiration.

    1. Thank you Adriene this is really helping with my mental health. I look forward it every day. It's been tough lately but your yoga has been a real gift.

  29. Back on the mat after a long trip abroad - and it's like coming home 🙂 Thanks, Adriene.

  30. Eleven is my favorite so far! Thanks for keeping me motivated to wake up thinking about what you have for me to practice each day. I have arthritis in my knees so I really appreciate your cues for adaptations for me at 66.

  31. Thank you Adriene for a lovely start of the day. I have never practice yoga before, didnt think I was able to "connect" with the moment. But with you I totally go in for it and forgett about everything else. I fell great after every lesson.
    Thank you for charing this with me

  32. Just want to say thank you for the awakening and feeling good! You're an inspiration. ❤️

  33. Loved 11 today! I really felt something awaken in my body after my lion's breath! I run every morning and to awaken some muscles and then cool down I do your videos ! You're the best Adriene thank you so much! <3

  34. Loving each and every day of yoga with you Adriene!
    Great flow and focus on body awareness, great gudiance and I love your energy - keeping it fun, in the moment.
    Day 11's workout was perfect for me today, having sore muscles in the inside of the legs and the belly after yesterdays horseback riding.
    Big THANKS for everything so far.
    Hola from Sweden!

  35. Oh dear, I must be getting attached to the daily practice...: I'm starting to worry about what happens on DAY 32... :-s ?!?!?

  36. Thank you for making so many of your wonderful videos available for free! I am so grateful for your erergy and instructions!!!!

  37. I love, love your journey through 30 days. I burned out going to scheduled classes and now I’ve found you. I can practice when I want to. Thank you!

  38. Thank you so much Adrienne. I have been doing your home practices most evening for the last 4 or 5 years but tonight I really needed and enjoyed this practice so much. I hope you realise how many people you help by enabling them to establish a home practice. I would be a wreck without yoga. A Million Thank yous to You!


  39. Adrienne
    Thank you as always keeping me focussed and going through 2020!! Looking forward to 2021...

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