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March 2021 Yoga Calendar - MOVE

Scroll down for your free calendar and playlist for the month.

Here is your Yoga With Adriene Free monthly Yoga calendar! No gimmicks, no catch. 

This is an offering to help you get on the mat regularly to cultivate balance, to guide you toward inner peace, and to equip you with energy to serve. If you are intuiting that you might benefit from a regular and sustainable at home yoga practice - look no further. 

If this is your first time joining us, welcome! 

Each month, we come together as a community around a theme that inspires questions and guides intention for your practice both on and off the mat. 

The practices selected support your exploration of the theme, whether you are taking on the whole month or dropping in for a single whenever you like. 

The practices on the calendar are free and are all available on the Yoga With Adriene YouTube channel. To make things easy, we have created a monthly playlist for you to follow! 

You will also see some optional Find What Feels Good App practices on the calendar, they are noted as FWFG practices. We include alternate free YouTube practices on those days for those who are not members. Everyone wins, yoga for all. 

This month’s free offering is a collection of practices designed to help you MOVE.

Move toward center for mental health. 

Move energy for your emotional health.

Move your body for your physical health. 

Move with breath, as our practice reminds and teaches us that

how we move matters... and it’s all connected. 

While our relationship with the future continues to feel so uncertain, move in the direction of unity. 




Yearning for a fresh start? Join me and our global community this month! Let’s move.

Then be still, and watch the ripple effect grow. 

Whether you are looking to keep up with a consistent practice or returning to the mat after a break, may this calendar serve you in continuing your journey and support your commitment to a regular practice. 

Invite someone to join you! This calendar is designed to work with your schedule. Drop-in throughout the month or join us with daily practice for the whole month.

Share your experiences and connect with the community by using the hashtag #ywaMOVE

Be sure to subscribe to the Yoga With Adriene YouTube channel, if you haven’t already! This is the #1 way to support the YWA free calendar and the new free YouTube videos.

Connect with @adrienelouise and @fwfglife on Instagram.

Here’s what else you need to know:

You can download a free, clickable PDF of the calendar here.

61 comments on “March 2021 Yoga Calendar - MOVE”

  1. Hello Adriene, I wish I could do your March classes! I've been following your videos for more than a half dozen years. I'm very annoyed that right now I can't do your classes, because I'm in need of a new left hip. My surgery isn't scheduled until mid-April. What can I do to keep fit until that time, particularly focused on upper body, core, and glute strength? I've had to use crutches since before the new year, so you can see I am desperate to stay in shape. Thank you!

  2. Adriene,
    Your heartfelt newsletters and continued generosity are amazing. Thank you for being there for us all- especially during Covid. Your practices sooth. I believe I first found you through a news cast in 2019 and have been watching and practicing along when I can. At 54 a newly minted Yoga instructor I look to you for honest authentic and accessible yoga . One day when Covid is over and I visit Austin ( to see my daughter/in-law) I’d love to meet you in person !

  3. thank you so much! I've been doing yoga almost every day and it's helping with focus, sleeplessness and my general wellbeing..

  4. This is the perfect nudge I needed to get started taking care of myself again! Thank you!!

  5. I’m so grateful to have your classes in my life. Thank you for your generosity. ‍♀️

  6. Adrienne, thank you so much. I am soo grateful and happy to have YWA in my life. It has helped me go through this very difficult time we all have these days-months-last year.
    Thank you for the care, the smiles, the funny moments and the laugh during the practice and for the whole energy you manage to give through a video on YouTube. It's magic.
    Wish you da best!
    Good vibes from Greece!

  7. Feeling a bit tense this morning, wondering how much longer the generous gift from Adriene of a month of planned yoga practices would continue. I know I could select a practice every day from the many available YouTube videos, but I'm new to this since January and not so certain what might be good to do - and not as likely to do it if it hasn't been set out for me. Definite pandemic fatigue - too many unstructured days and ever-dwindling motivation!
    And then I check my email and there it is: another gift from Adriene. Thanks so much!

  8. This email reminder of the power of my own breath and the invitation to continue my commitment to the yoga journey came right on time. Thank you.

  9. If you knew me in...even October would not believe I would be excited for the new "Calendar"! But I am as is my wife Beth...Thank you so much. You have been the source of a renewal I've needed for some time.


  10. Yes, thank you for the gifts you provide, but my thoughts are with you and your state, in hoping the rebuilding is swift and a normalcy can emerge!

  11. Adriene, I did Breath in Jan. First time in my life I practiced for 30 days continuesly. I have always loved yoga and practiced it on and off, but now I feel like I am on some other level. I have come to love you too (I liked you before). It really feels like you are my companion I always needed that feeling of waiting for a new video and email was surreal. I used to read your emails and the poems at 4am in the morning. Just when I get up. Though I have not been consistent with feb calendar. But, now that I realized the importance I am gonna do full March too. I am a mother of 2 toddler and started my PhD recently and this morning yoga practice infuses so much joy to me and brings sanity that just after doing it I feel I have accomplished the day. Much love and blessings to you.

  12. This is amazing! Something healthy to look forward to each day ! Thanks Adriene ❤️

  13. que felicidad empezar otro mes con estas sesiones con Adri, he disfrutado desde el 2020 que la conoci... online claro!

  14. I am a 78 year old woman, who discovered you thanks to the NYTimes article a few months ago. Have worked through “Home”, “Dedicate” and am presently doing “True”. I can now go down for cobra without plopping down on my knees :).
    I feel stronger, calmer, and happier! You (and Pfizer) have helped me get a new lease on life during this stressful time.
    I live in Hawai’i, so I thank you with “mahalo nui”.

  15. I'm so behind on Feb yoga, it's stressing me out! But I'm continuing to show up (most days)


    1. Take it one day at a time, Jennie. The monthly yoga calendars that we release February through December are designed so that you can either following it each day or drop in. Feel free to join us for the March calendar unless the February BRIDGE theme is speaking to you. If that's the case, focus on the February calendar and enjoy the rest of your BRIDGE focus. 🙂

  16. Hi Adriene & Benjy,
    Just discovered you & completed your Breath 30 days : Thoroughly enjoyed it !!!
    Although I’ve done yoga for a long time, its a first on a daily basis rather than weekly, so I surprised myself & cant wait for tomorrow. Many thanks for your warm encouragements & I do love a bit of singing here & there..... a great fun !
    Odilia fr London UK

  17. Began daily yoga practice this year, 1/1/21 by following your 30 #ywa programs. The daily practice has helped me in so many ways. I am a better person when I begin my day with yoga. Thank you for being inspirational and sharing your talents.

  18. This is my first time I am going to start yoga. So I am going to follow each day from the whole month. Let's see.

  19. With your guidance, "daily practice" is becoming my way of life. Thank you Adriene!

  20. Thank you for this opportunity you gave to us globally , you inspire me the do YWA and now I really love doing it .
    Iloveyou Adriene ♥️♥️♥️

  21. Let’s start march! Feels like spring and the sun is shining here in Switzerland. So excited for this months yoga practices. Thank you Adriene.

  22. Perfect timing! Was feeling a bit lost after the January Breath... this will get me back on track - thank you!

  23. Is there a way to have links to each practice, rather than all of us having to type in the title each time?

    Maybe this exists somewhere. It would be much easier to use. Thx

    1. I have added this page with the YouTube link to my home have on my device so just need to click that everyday without any searching #easy

    2. I downloaded the PDF just up above the comments section here and was able to click through on each title to the practice on YouTube. I hope that helps 🙂

    3. She posts playlists on YouTube with all of the monthly videos and also lists weekly classes in the app. So you can go to either one to access a playlist rather than typing anything in.

    4. If you open up the Calendar in your browser or you download it, you can click on each title and it will take you to the video 🙂

    5. Hey Teresa, if you click on the image of the calendar it takes you to a PDF file where every practice title is a clickable link

    6. If you subscribe to the channel on YouTube, Adriene and her team always put these calendars together as a playlist. Enjoy!

    7. if you go to YWA YouTube channel, look at the Playlist section. Under there you'll see 'show full playlist' and they're all there, in order. 🙂

  24. How do I sign up for this to be emailed every day the way the two previous 30-day calendars have been? It has kept me on track to practice every single day since January 1st just to open my email and there it is.

  25. I love getting these letters of encouragement from you and thank you for such great yoga practices. I have let things slip recently, but will start again. Hope all is good with you too. xx

  26. So GRATEFUL to have the opportunity for FREE personal growth.
    If you subscribe to Yoga with Adrienne and allow her notifications you will get notified when a new video is posted. All of us typing in the title everytime should be looked at like giving ourselves a little gift.
    I can only imagine the hours of work that are already put in! Thanks Adrienne. It's a true blessing everytime I show up, as you say - the hardest part is showing up!

  27. Thank you so much Adriene for your wonderful yoga sessions. You have helped me find my focus during a difficult time. I'm feeling so much calmer better about myself.

  28. March 10 was amazing! strong and sweet. i'm at Day 70 with continuous practice and loving it. so appreicate Adriene's gift to us and this community.

    my husband has parkinson's. are there any videos that are good for movement disorder people?

  29. Hi Adriene and the FWFG community,
    Just wanted to check in and say that these yoga practices have been a rock for me during this turbulent year. I have been practising nearly every day for a year now. I am a stay at home mum and get very little time for myself - I carve out a little time each day to practice with you and this wonderful community. Thank you, this yoga community means the world to me and makes me smile every day. Light and love x

  30. Great program! Looks like I'm too late for March though, but I'll be ready for April. - Gustavo Woltmann

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