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Yoga For Beginners - 20 Minute Practice

In this 20-minute session for beginners, we will work with breath and other foundational elements to set you up for a sustainable and beneficial practice you enjoy! This is the perfect practice to send to a friend who wants to get into yoga. This is also designed as the perfect all-around practice for someone of any yoga background, with a meditative pace and strong focus on form and function to increase flexibility, build strength, and regulate the nervous system.

Repeat this practice and commit to consistency to feel your mental, emotional, and physical health transform.

You will move through breath work, poses for the spine, hips, shoulders, and core, as well as poses for the hamstrings, wrists, ankles, knees, and low back.

Yoga is for everyone! The hardest part is showing up. Thank you for allowing me to guide you through practice.

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