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Excerpt from today’s love letter:

For me it all boils down to a single fundamental truth that your well-being is my well-being.

Your well-being and your neighbor’s well-being are one and the same.

There is also the element of energy. One can have good intentions, visions of healing others, a solid desire to serve. But in order to turn good intention into acts of service, to action, you have to have energy in the tank.

Finally, self-care to me is the practice of knowing and understanding yourself. It is not cucumbers on the eyes and a mud mask. Though, those things are lovely. To lead with confidence, stand up for others, use your voice - you have to have self awareness. And the depth of your self awareness depicts the depth of your connection to others.

The quality of your self-awareness depicts the quality of your connection with others.

As I write this there are many people in our community hurting, suffering, and managing their way through stressful situations.

We are a global family. Our practice unites us. Our breath binds us.

I will close your love letter today by reminding you that with this letter comes my commitment to you and your wellbeing, and subsequently mine too.

I will also close with a humble request that you donate to help the members of our community in India right now who have been hit with another excruciating and devastating wave of Covid19.

With reverence and respect for the roots of yoga and its origins, I urge us all to lean in and give what we can. You may not know that a beautiful portion of YWA community resides in India, practicing with over 10 million views in 2020. Behind those views are individuals of the global family we are a part of, and their families. They are part of this intentional community that has been brought together by our shared practice. They need us right now. And their communities beyond the mat do too. Very much so.

If you can contribute, I encourage you to share any amount today. It will help save lives.

You might do your research to find other organizations to donate to but here is a direct link to contribute to Give India and read more about their incredible missions:

You might also choose to dedicate your first practice of this week to those who have been shaken by this trauma.

Your well-being is your neighbor’s well-being.

Let’s take a breath now.

Inhale love in.

Exhale love out.

Welcome May.

Yours truly,


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