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September 2020 Yoga Calendar - BUILD

Here is your Yoga With Adriene Free monthly Yoga calendar! No gimmicks, no catch. This is an offering to help you get on the mat regularly to cultivate balance and wellbeing. If you are intuiting that you might benefit from a regular and sustainable at home yoga practice - look no further. 

If this is your first time joining us, welcome! 

Each month, we come together as a community around a theme that inspires questions and guides intention for your practice both on and off the mat. 

The practices selected support your exploration of the theme, whether you are taking on the whole month or dropping in for a single whenever you like. 

The practices on the calendar are free and are all available on the Yoga With Adriene YouTube channel. When we include membership practices on the calendar, they are noted as FWFG practices and we also include alternate free YouTube practices on those days for those who are not members. 

This month’s free offering is an invitation to BUILD.

A collection of free Yoga to build strength and stability for optimal physical and mental health. 

What do we do when times get tough? How do we keep going or begin again when something has knocked us from our practice or thrown us for a loop and has our head spinning? 

We can return to our breath and keep practicing. Your practice has your back. 

If you’re going through a tough time right now, dear friend, your mat has your back and so do I. Commit to showing up, even if it is simply to sit on your mat and breathe. 

Maybe you are feeling like you need some building up, fortifying, or conditioning. If so, this month’s calendar is here to support you. 

If you are already feeling good, awesome! This is a great time to build on the foundation of your practice so that when those tough times come, your practice will be there to sustain you. 

While we arrive on the mat to gain presence and look inward, this month’s curation will no doubt help you build muscle and gain strength from top to bottom. 

It is also our birthday month! In the spirit of celebrating the YWA birthday, we are sharing a brand new practice for you on the YouTube channel called “Yoga Party”. This new practice will drop on the YouTube channel at midnight Texas time on Sunday, Sept. 6th. Mark your calendars and invite your friends. This practice is a good one to connect and practice alongside friends over a video hangout. 

This month is EXTRA special because, in addition to the new free video, we are also releasing a new free series to the YouTube channel called “Yoga P.E.”. 

This super fun 3-video series is for all the students and their teachers who are adapting to a new school year and new ways of schooling. Virtual learners can practice these as separate short yoga breaks or they can be strung together for a longer session. These Yoga P.E. videos are themed for physical, mental, and emotional health for all ages. They will be released to the YWA YouTube channel on M, W, F starting on Sept. 14th. 

But wait, there is more! 

In addition, coming to the FWFG App and on this month are three new focused Conditioning videos. Per your request, these are three short supplemental videos created to help you condition your core, upper body, and lower body to support your yoga practice. 

We end the month with a focus on peace with The Shanti Series on Sept. 27-30. This is a FWFG series but if you aren’t a member, you can use the 7-day free trial to join us for this 4-video peace series. You could also use that free trial to check out the new FWFG conditioning videos released earlier in September. As always, we also have YouTube video options for these dates if you are on YouTube. 

Invite someone to join you! Drop-in throughout the month or join us for the whole month.
Share your experiences with the Kula and the community with #ywaBUILD.

Be sure to subscribe to the Yoga With Adriene YouTube channel, if you haven’t already! This is the #1 way to support the YWA free calendar and the new free YouTube videos.

Connect with @adrienelouise and @fwfglife on IG.

Here’s what else you need to know:

  • Here is your free playlist on the YouTube channel that you can follow each day for the whole month. The new practice on the 6th and the new Yoga P.E. Series will be added to the playlist when they are released to the Yoga With Adriene YouTube channel on the dates they are listed. 
  • Here is your playlist for the month on the FWFG membership. The new practice will be added when it is released. 
  • Follow along with the calendar every day or drop in throughout the month. Find what feels good and keep practicing!
  • The Find What Feels Good membership FWFG app is available in the App Store and Google Play Store for mobile devices. The app is also available for your television with Apple TV, Roku, and FireTV. Or you can access it on the web at
  • You can download a free, clickable PDF of the calendar here.

43 comments on “September 2020 Yoga Calendar - BUILD”

  1. Woohoo! What a great month ahead! It is also my birthday on September 5, so I feel even more connected with this platform. Much love to the team.

  2. Thank have been my lifeline to a healthy body and mind while staying at home. I’m a senior and still a novice but, striving to get better at this amazing exercise experience. I’m feeling younger than my 70 years!
    When I feel ‘ready’ to join, I will become an active member.

  3. Thankyou Adriene so much for this, I really need this right now after the 2 years I've just had. I thought only last night that I must do a practice today and I open my emails to find you!

    I think this practice will be perfect today as I need to find time for me and take a step back.
    Stay well

    Mary xx

  4. Hello Adriene,

    I've been in shock, I think... At first, I practiced every day, clinging to my new found way of life to stay grounded and feel alive, But then, slowly, I began to grasp how this was all not going away, how disappointed I am with my fellow humans' behaviours and attitudes, mostly.

    I tend to adapt well to change... after the initial shock. And the challenges I thought would be more difficult, like homeschooling the kids and finding a way to distract ourselves were actually the easy part. It was the judgments, the racism, the whining, seeing how many of our women were sexually mistreated and the violence in general, especially on social media, that froze me. Whereas I am usually so adaptive and proactive, I became frozen.

    I am writing this to you as you have been my companion during confinement. And I am looking forward to rekindling our relationship (the one I have with you, with my practice but more importantly the one with myself) this september as I will defrost and start moving again.

    I am thankful to you for having been there during these hard times and am even more thankful for you being there for the reconstruction - the re-build! This month's theme is just perfect timing!

    Karine, from Québec City, Canada

    1. Thoughtful words Karine. Glad you can “defrost” before the literal Canadian frost! Hopefully, yoga will keep you warm, thawed in the coming months that will be so challenging for all of us who live in wintery, snowy climates. I know you guys are back to school a week before us- I watched CBC The National last night. Not an easy situation and stressful to say the least. Stay well my friend and remember, we are all in this together.❤️❤️

    2. Vous mettez exactement ce que je ressens (peut-être même beaucoup d’entre nous) en mots, de manière concise et magnifiquement écrite. Je vous remercie.

      You put exactly what I’m (perhaps even a lot of us are) feeling into words, concisely and beautifully written. Thank you.

  5. Yoga with Adriene is one of the truest and purest parts of my life. She has given me access to my truest, purest self. A finer gift I cannot imagine ❤️

  6. YWA and FWFG have become such an important part of my life. Self care has become so much easier to find and practice. Sending out LOVE TO ALL

  7. I started yoga with Adriene in March 2020 when the pandemic hit. Her
    Workouts help me grow in love with
    Myself everyday!! I feel stronger, healthier & happier❤️
    Thank you Adriene~

  8. I love the idea of Yoga P.E.! We did some yoga with the kids last spring when the pandemic started. This year we are switching to a virtual school and Yoga P.E. it's going to be part of our homeschool classroom for sure! Thank you!

  9. Waking up to this Sunday love letter. Again. So uplifting and encouraging. And real! Adriene, thank you and the FWFG family for helping us always start where we are. Namaste.

  10. The best part of Sunday; waking up in the UK to an Adriene note and practice. Extra bonus today, September’s calendar ‍♀️

  11. Absolutely love Yoga with Adrienne. Just turned 60 but started doing her short yoga sessions last year. I no longer am plagued with a sore back and am considerably more flexible. I still can't do all of the moves, but I can do more than when I started! Balance is super important as we age so that we avoid falls and that was a primary reason I started using the videos. Hour and hour and a half sessions most people offer were just too much for me physically and time wise but these videos are perfect. my fall back is Sunrise yoga but I love alternating through others too.

  12. Yoga PE is such a wonderful idea! What a gift for both parents and students adapting to online schooling.

    Yoga PE could be the perfect antidote for "zoom fatigue". I'm definitely taking this practice to work!

    With gratitude,


  13. I follow you from France and enjoy your yoga so much!! It changes life and you made me able to have these changes last... thank you!

  14. Thrilled to share my bday month with YWA! Loving this journey more each day and can't wait to BUILD with you all.

  15. For the first time in my life I found something that really does me good. Heartfelt wishes straight from Israel

  16. Adrienne is so wonderful. She really has taught me a new way of approaching yoga, practicing it from the inside out, and so freely, much less rigid than other instructors have you do.
    Helped me to recover from a very bad time too.
    Love you Adrienne and Benji!

  17. Can't wait to begin this month. Communities important now more than ever.

    This is such a beautiful gift and I feel truly humble and overflowing with gratitude.

    Now our thoughts and prayers go to TEACHERS.=unsung heroes+ frontline workers.

    Every morning ...a moment of gratitude and prayers go up for them.

    Thank you to YWA for providing a resource to us each month especially with TLC to teachers.

    To all-be safe - stay healthy!

  18. So happy I came across your channel -- really love your classes and the calendars. Helps me be consistent and am enjoying the benefits of that. Thanks!

  19. Thank you, Yoga with Adriene, for all of these awesome free resources. I found you four years ago when I was searching for ways to find connection in my times of solitude and help my prayer practice. I have done so many of your videos and attended one of your events now that I live in TX. You are so encouraging and you’ve made it much easier to take care of myself during these difficult times. Thank you! Thank you!

  20. Excited to try my first 30 day calendar. Have completed Home and Dedicate. This will be a new turn for me. Thanks!!!

  21. Woo hoo so excited for this month! Happy birthday YWA - sending much love and appreciation to you all! Thank you for improving our lives for the better and bringing joy to every day!

  22. My favorite day of the week is Sunday. I get my love letter from Adriene. LOL And a calendar for September made my whole self jump for joy. I so enjoyed reading through the comments above. We really are a connected world. Love and Namaste to you all.

  23. Sending much love, good wishes & gratitude for your generosity and services. I hope that soon my cup fills up and then it can overflow in love & gratitude like yours. May God bless your purpose(s) in life.

  24. Thank you! I found you through my therapist a couple months ago when my doggie passed away. I was unable to get out of bed for almost a month but then I began your True Yoga series and it has truly changed my life. It took me a while to get into the everyday practice but I am here now. And my birthday is this Friday, so i will celebrate with you. Thank you so much for everything you do.

  25. Wow! Beautiful community. I am so thrilled to be practicing with you all. My birthday is September 18, and I will be 70!

  26. Hi,
    I just turned 80 in June, and have practiced yoga for 20 years. You were recommended to me as I couldn't go to the gym during the virus. I will NEVER go to a gym again, as you fill the bill three times a week.
    THANK YOU so much!!

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