July 2021 Yoga Calendar - PROCESS

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July is here!

Our theme and contemplation this month is PROCESS. 

The action, your mission: Recommit to the process to find your presence.

The practice teaches us how to exist inside an ongoing, ever expanding journey of process. 

Daily or regular practice cannot only help us learn how to exist and survive inside the journey of process, but it can guide us to do so in a way in which we feel like we are working for ourselves, rather than against.

This month’s curation of practices are about healing, but they are also about trying new things, seeing things from another angle, building new muscle, and ultimately forgiveness.

Forgiveness  - with yourself and with all beings. 

Let there be quiet in the process. 

Let there be sweat, shaking, surrender.

Let there be room for play, fun, freedom.

Let yourself be.

Embrace the work in process. 

“We cannot have a healed society, we cannot have change, we cannot have justice, if we do not reclaim and repair the human spirit.” Rev. angel Kyodo williams

What are you in the process of?

Fill in the blank….

I am in the process of ______________.

See you on the mat!



Here's what else you need to know:

This is an offering to help you get on the mat regularly to cultivate balance, to guide you toward inner peace, and to equip you with energy to serve. If you are intuiting that you might benefit from a regular and sustainable at home yoga practice - look no further. 

If this is your first time joining us, welcome! 

Each month, we come together as a community around a theme that inspires questions and guides intention for your practice both on and off the mat. 

The practices selected support your exploration of the theme, whether you are taking on the whole month or dropping in for a single whenever you like. 

The practices on the calendar are free and are all available on the Yoga With Adriene YouTube channel. To make things easy, we have created a monthly playlist for you to follow! 

You will also see some optional Find What Feels Good App practices on the calendar, they are noted as FWFG practices. We include alternate free YouTube practices on those days for those who are not members. Everyone wins, yoga for all. 

Invite someone to join you! This calendar is designed to work with your schedule. Drop-in throughout the month or join us with daily practice for the whole month.

Share your experiences and connect with the community by using the hashtag #ywaPROCESS.

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19 responses to “July 2021 Yoga Calendar - PROCESS”

  1. Marina Labby says:

    Please sign me up!

  2. MARY G SMITH says:

    Adriene, I have you and your mom in my thoughts. Human life, all life can be/is fragile and so precious. Yet in a moment can change.
    take care,

  3. Anne says:

    Praying for a full recovery for your dear mom.

  4. Bonnie Prunella says:

    Thank you. Thank you. I worked with Breathe in January and got to the mat everyday. Then I wandered off into other practices, but I find I do not do yoga every day. Your calendar serves as motivation and accountability. So thank you and be well.

  5. Tammy L Hanson says:

    Excited to do this!!
    I am new to yoga...at 62 (63 in 6 weeks). I want to be stronger in 6 weeks!!

  6. I’m looking forward to this shared experience and
    I’m in the process of letting go of expectations and outcomes.

  7. Lesley says:

    Thinking of you Adriene. Take care of you as you take care of all of us. You have touched my life with your yoga sessions. My life has been changed for the better. Thank you.

  8. Carol Skelton says:

    God bless your mum Adriene, hope she makes a full recovery xx

  9. Natalia says:

    Gracias totales por compartir tanto con nosotros.

  10. Suzanna Veli says:

    Hope your mum gets better soon. Stay strong know that you have a lot of love out there for you both.

  11. Bregje Creemers says:

    Dear Adriene,

    thank you so much for being here and sharing your love through yoga. It means so much for me. So I want to say thank you and also wish you love and warmth for you and your mom.

    I am in the process of becoming ME! 🙂 And I'm loving the process. Your community supports my journey and is a part of my spiritual awakening.

    So again, thank you so much. Lots of love.

    From The Netherlands, Bregje

  12. Deepti Deshpande says:

    Thanks for this month's focus on reconnecting with the process - to connect with yourself! I needed this. Its my birthday month and look forward to celebrating it with YWA 🙂

  13. Rachael Cash says:

    Thank you for this and for sharing your time with all who practice yoga. I have been practicing with you since January and I am incredibly grateful to be on this journey alongside you. Be well

  14. Della Farrell says:

    I just want Adriene to know that I'm praying 4 her & 4 her Mom's full recovery!

    I'm struggling 2 get the playlist 4 July 2021. Help! I got the calendar. ☺️

    Thank u 4 all that u do! You really make a difference! I really appreciate you!! ☺️ Bless you sweet lady!!

  15. Evangeline says:

    Dear Adriene,
    Hello and good day to you and Benjie. How’s your mum now? Hope all well on your side.
    I’m so happy and grateful finding you as my yoga inspiration here and even telling to my friends my testimony about how did I got here in yoga with you continuously. Thanks for this and at this time I’m on the process of moving and this will help to survive my hotel quarantine when its happening.
    See you on YouTube and take care my teacher.

  16. Thabi says:

    I’m in the process of healing,loving and forgiving myself.I got so much anger that I try to bury,I don’t even know where it comes from

  17. Amy Williams says:

    longtime yogi. my regular studio has closed. Dealing with a husband with early dementia.

  18. marion exley says:

    Love and healing wishes to your dear mum Adriene.

  19. Holly Adkins says:

    Hello Adriene,
    I sure hope your Mom is getting stronger day
    by day. Sending healing thoughts and love to you both. Through Covid ... through work stress ... through heat waves and now fires, I keep at yoga with your guidance and kindness. It has really helped me to cope. Your gracious sharing of yoga to the world has helped so many ... Namaste

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