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CULTIVATE: August 2021 Calendar

Yoga With Adriene - August 2021 Calendar

August is here.

Your mission: Cultivate attention and intention.

The action: Guide it toward what matters most.

This calendar theme and contemplation is a powerful one that puts you back in the driver’s seat while also reminding you how and when to soften and surrender.

August = creation and invention.

Cultivate a beautiful mind.

Are there areas of your inner world that need reinvention?

Build a strong body.

Where do you want to cultivate more flexibility, power, and ease?

Your thoughts are powerful, and so is your vehicle. With this month’s curation of practices we take time to cultivate a discipline around caring for the mind and body. 

(Note: you may watch it ripple out into all of your endeavors and relationships!)

Through regular practice discover and embody the strength you possess 

To make big waves, 

Turn big corners, 

And go after that thing you have always dreamt of.

This month of practice is about choosing what you want to cultivate and amplify - and more so, it's about recognizing your power to do just that.


Get curious. Like really curious. When we are curious we open our hearts and our minds to new ways of seeing things, new ways of thinking, new states of being. 

Cultivate new horizons with curiosity.
See you on the mat, darlings. 



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